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Mirrors in Bedroom | Activating the Peach Blossom Star | Love Triangle

Does having a mirror in the bedroom lead to the presence of a third party? Is there any truth in this perception or is it a misconception? Feng shui nowadays can be virtually anything lumped together. Just the mere mention of 'feng shui' seems to lend credibility to an idea or an instant solution to a problem. To truly practice and benefit from Classical Feng Shui, we need to be able to distinguish the difference.

Modern or New Age Feng Shui is more of an art form and relies on lucky objects, good luck symbols, color therapy; transformational and aspirational concepts. New Age Feng Shui 'cures' are largely drawn from cultural beliefs, superstitions, and symbols; oftentimes to encourage positive thinking.

Classical Feng Shui, utilizes the theories and principles found in ancient texts written from the Tang Dynasty. It uses the compass and formulas to compute the qi maps of properties, observes landforms to find qi, and taps into the energies of the environment through location or direction.

Know the difference and decide which type of feng shui will truly help you achieve your goals.


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