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What Ever Happened to APPLE?

Title:  What Ever Happened to APPLE?
Text and Illustrations by:  Margaret Cecconet

  • ISBN No.: 978-0-9783316-0-3

  • Age Range: 5-8 years

  • Grade Range: Grades K-3

  • Price: US$14.95 

  • Trim Size: 10 in. x 8 in.

  • Trade Paperback: 32 pages on FSC Certified Papers

  • Printed in Canada

From The Publisher:

Did you know that - It takes about fifty leaves to make enough food for one apple to grow to its full size? That commercial apple growers plant trees using a 2000 year old process called grafting?

Good Messages can come in the form of a story. And for the sake of our environment and the future of our children, we need one right now. This is such a book! It integrates a bit of science and reality into a simple story of APPLE and his journey from the orchard. It introduces children to a glimpse of nature and the 3Rs that we long to teach them in our own environmental effort. With colorful illustrations, they will follow the adventure of APPLE from his days in the orchard and find out for themselves why he ended up where he was.

From the Jacket:

Follow APPLE and his journey from the orchard in this beautifully illustrated picture book, that will inspire our children and help them understand how they can in their own small way help Mother Nature.

Book Reviews and Testimonials

Wee Ones Magazine

“An interesting story about Apple and what happens to him once he's plucked from a tree. Go on a journey with Apple and discover ways to help Apple live on. Instead of discarding him in the trash, composting is what this author encourages, as well as planting seeds to grow trees that will create more delicious sweet apples! With bright illustrations, this story is both entertaining and educational.”

Margaret Atwood
Author, Novelist, Poet and

Social Campaigner

" It's charming!  

I certainly commend your 

efforts to teach children 

about environmental 

awareness and I wish

you all the best 

with your future 

publishing efforts."

Lillian Brummet

Talk Show Host -

'Conscious Discussions'

"I encourage parents to pick up this book for their young ones -it's never too early to teach conscous living ideals.  'What Ever Happened to APPLE?' was published and printed in Canada on 100% recycled paper.  I applaud the publishing practices the author has chosen for her exceptional children's book.  Without hesitation, I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars."

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