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Feng Shui Consultations

We all have to acknowledge that even in an era wherein vast opportunities are found and wherein perseverance and determination play an important role in overcoming challenges, there are certain areas in our lives that could benefit from a bit more help.

Today, as we become more aware of our intricate and close relationship with the environment and ecology, we also realize the need to tap into the natural energy that is all around us to help increase our sense of harmony, balance, and well-being.

Feng shui offers a set of pragmatics that help us in selecting our homes, developing environmentally sensitive land, planning a harmonious neighborhood, and locating our business.

Using Traditional/Classical Feng Shui applications, our consultations will focus on providing you with practical solutions that can be easily implemented to help you fulfill your goal of living a better and balanced life.  Find the house most compatible with your energy by using feng shui in your search. 


Please be advised that most of our consultations are subject to scheduling and appointment availability.

Suburban House
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