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Bazi & Home Feng Shui 

Special Package - Limited Time Offer

Special Chart Only Package

Bazi & Home Feng Shui 

(Offer Available in November 2022 and December 2022)  
US $ 108 

Analysis and interpretation: None/Minimal

This package is good if you just want your Bazi Chart and the Flying Star Chart of your house and do not want to second guess the Period of your property.   It does not include a feng shui analysis or interpretation of the charts.  As No/Minimal interpretation will be provided, you will need a basic understanding of BaZi & Feng Shui in order to fully understand the charts.  Please be advised that the Bazi Chart is only for one person.


What you get:

  1. BaZi Birth chart with 10-Year Luck Pillars.  Your personal Gua Number, favorable and unfavorable directions. (One Person Only)

  2. Natal Chart of your House - Qi map of your house.  Gives you a snapshot of the energies of your house or condominium unit.

What We Need

You will need to send us the necessary information listed below to help us prepare a thorough feng shui reading of your home.

  1. Your name, gender, and date of birth (year, month, day, and time). Note:  We just need your western (Gregorian calendar) date of birth and the local time where you were born, we do not need the Chinese Lunar date.

  2. Specify Type of Property:  Landed or High Rise/Condominium 

  3. The accurate compass facing direction (degrees) of the property.  Provide the specific Facing Degree of house/property.

  4. Accurate compass Main Door Facing (degrees).   

  5. The year the house was built and your move-in date. 

  6. Condominium:  The year the condominium was built and the move-in date of the first occupants of the building.  Ask the superintendent or condominium manager if you don't know.

  7. Include your full name and contact information (complete address, telephones/fax numbers, email address)

Please allow us 15 working days to email the chart to you.  


Please send all the above information to:


Interior Design

Terms & Conditions  Please be advised that fees are not refundable. A feng shui analysis and reading calculate probabilities and not guarantees or certainties. As such, one cannot assume that you can change anything or everything in your home to obtain good feng shui. Client Privacy Policy Your privacy is important to us. All information supplied through the course of our work will be kept confidential.   We will ask for your permission in the event that we would like to use your names as references for our work. Prior permission to use client’s names for marketing will have been obtained prior to its use. ​

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