Bedroom Review


(This feng shui room analysis can also be done for the other major rooms in the property.)
Feng Shui Room Analysis
Feng Shui recommendations and analysis will be based on the Flying Star Feng Shui energies of the year, floor plan, photos, and information relevant to the feng shui analysis submitted by you before the consultation.  

This consultation includes a 30 minute online (Google or Zoom) chat with Margaret to go over the room layout and best placement of your bed and/or furniture inside the room.

We will need you to supply us with:

  • floorplan (with compass directions)

  • photos (if available)

  • occupant's birthday (year, month, day, and time)

  • year the house was built & any major renovations done

  • your move-in date

  • specify the reason for consultation


Terms & Conditions

A feng shui analysis and reading calculate probabilities and not guarantees or certainties.  As such, one cannot assume that you can change anything or everything in your home to obtain good feng shui.  

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