Bedroom Consultation 

Feng Shui Bedroom Analysis

This consultation reviews the feng shui of your bedroom.  It includes a 30 minute online (Google or Zoom) chat with Margaret to go over the room layout and best placement of your bed and furniture inside the room.   


Feng Shui recommendations and analysis will be based on the bedroom’s floor plan and photos submitted by you before the consultation.  The feng shui analysis will be based on your floor plan and the current annual Flying Star Feng Shui energies. 

We will need you to supply us with:

  • bedroom floorplan (with compass directions)

  • bedroom photos (if available)

  • your birthday (year, month, day, and time)

  • year the house was built and/or major renovations

  • move-in date

  • your specific problem

Consulting Fee

USD $300 

forest bedroom