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Bazi & Home
Feng Shui

(Special Package)

Package Offer

For a very limited time only...


In this basic combo package,

we provide you with a 

Bazi chart (one person only)

and the home feng shui chart.

If you only want your Bazi Chart

and do not want to second guess the

Period of your property, then this

is the package for you.

Living Room Interior

We've developed a

series of Feng Shui

online courses 

to help you on your

personal journey

to a better understanding

of this practice.

 Feng Shui

Learn the 5 basic steps

to  using feng shui,

a great introduction 

for beginners and new 

to feng shui; and

for those who need a bit

more clarity on what

feng shui is all about. 

Feng Shui


Using Traditional Feng Shui

applications, our consultations

will focus on providing you

with practical solutions

to help you fulfill your goal

of living a better and

balanced life. 

Modern Kitchen

YouTube Videos  

Join Margaret Cecconet

on YouTube as she shares 

invaluable lessons and

useful information about healthy

and harmonious living,

natural remedies.

exercises, healthy eating,

Feng Shui, and

Chinese Metaphysics.

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