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From the Publisher

We are please to announce the release of our new book, A Homeowners Guide to Feng Shui, Easy Tips to a Harmonious Home, by Margaret Cecconet. In this book, are some of the basic Feng Shui knowledge invaluable to real estate professionals working with Feng Shui savvy clients as well as to homeowners who would like to create the environment that will enhance their personal and professional goals. Margaret has been in the real estate industry for the last 23 years, an active member of the community and supporter of the environment, she has served as volunteer and chairperson of various environment, school and citizen advisory committees as well as on the Board of Directors of a condominium corporation.

About the Book

Learn how to spot a few of the positive and negative features of a house and workplace by using the principles of Feng Shui. In as easy to follow format, this book focuses on what to look for or to avoid in each specific area and rooms in your home. It also identifies some of the modern environmental hazards we encounter in and out of our homes. Discover some of the practical solutions to creating the environment and surroundings that can help enhance your personal and professional goals.

From the Jacket

Why do we feel more comfortable sitting in chairs with high backs and supporting armrests? Why is a dream home with all the modern comfort turning out to be more of a nightmare? Is there a natural order of things that we have yet to understand?

Feng Shui works with nature to create harmony and balance in your home and workplace. In “A Homeowners Guide to Feng Shui”, Margaret offers you the simple tools to introduce Feng Shui into your lives and learn:

  • How surrounding environment such as buildings, roads and street alignments can affect you.
  • How to select and analyze sites and properties with the best Feng Shui in existing and new developments.
  • How to arrange rooms and position furniture to create a more positive energy flow in your home.
  • How to find your best personal directions.

A Homeowners Guide to Feng Shui Easy Tips to a Harmonious Home

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