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The Chinese Almanac or Tong Shu has been around for centuries to help and guide people to select the best dates for important events in their lives.  It is used or checked to ensure that a bad day has not been chosen.  Date Selection plays a keep role in helping guarantee a successful or productive outcome in these significant undertakings.   

This handy and easy-to-use monthly calendar will help you analyze the year at a glance and plan all your important work and travel activities around your favourable and unfavourable days of the year.  Enabling you to achieve the best possible level of productivity and success in this Year of the Wood Rabbit.   


Our 2023 Annual Feng Shui Calendar contains basic Flying Star Feng Shui information to help you avoid the negative influences and harness the positive energies of the year of the Water Tiger; helping you identify which areas are suitable for activation and which are best avoided.  Includes key information such as:

  • Quick Overview Charts of the Auspicious and Inauspicious sectors at a glance.  

  • the 12 Monthly Feng Shui Calendar for 2023

  • the 2023 Monthly Flying Star Feng Shui Charts 

  • a Date Selection/Astrology chart for each month to help you plan ahead.  


With our calendar, you’ll be able to schedule your important activities and use the auspicious dates in 2023 strategically.  

2023 Feng Shui Calendar - Year of the Water Rabbit

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