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What is a ‘Bright Hall’ in Feng Shui?

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

What is a ‘Bright Hall’?   Is it just a hall that is brightly lit with lights?

A ‘Bright Hall’ in feng shui refers to an open, uncluttered, wide space that allows qi (energy) to gather.

The external ‘Bright Hall’ in your home is generally the area or space that is just outside your main door, this area should be unobstructed and spacious. It should be clear of clutter and debris.  This ‘Bright Hall’ allows qi to gather outside your property.

The area directly behind your main door is your internal ‘Bright Hall’ and should also be relatively spacious and uncluttered. This allows for the smooth and clear flow of qi into your home.

A ‘Bright Hall’ effect is not achieved with the use of lights to make it brighter nor will the use of bright lights enhance or increase the quality of qi in a space.

It is also important that the main door is not hit by sha qi (killing or negative energy) from structures or objects such as a hydro or lamp post or a tree.

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