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Same House, Different Energy

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

We’ve talked about astrology as an important part in the study of classical feng shui.  Our natal chart determines the kind of energy that we were born with or born into.  Similarly buildings/houses have their own natal charts as well.  The period luck is the time factor used by classical feng shui practitioners to identify the period of a building.  To determine the period luck and specific natal flying stars chart of a property, the move-in date is always used as a reference point.

Let’s take two houses (House A & House B) built side by side and completed at the same time, but occupied at different times.  Each house could technically have different kind of energy, thus have different flying stars charts.

The flying stars chart of House A will remain the same, if it was occupied and vacated within the twenty years of a single luck period.  But what if House A was sold and left vacant for more than six months, from October 2003 to May 2004, in which a change from period 7 to period 8 occurred (see table below), then its flying stars chart will also change.  The new owners of House A will now have a period 8 chart.

The owners of House B on the other hand who moved into the house in 2003 and are still living in the house will have a period 7 chart.

Determining the flying stars chart of a high rise building, apartments or condominiums however, is a bit different, in that an apartment building is treated as a single house.  This means the move-in date of when the building was first occupied is the flying stars chart of the building, which is also the flying stars chart of each and every unit in the building.

For example, the building of Green Meadows Condominium was completed in 2003 but its first occupants moved-in date was in 2004.  The flying stars chart of this building and all the units within is thus dictated by this move-in date in 2004, which means the move-in date of other occupants that follows does not matter.

In classical feng shui, the period luck is an important factor in determining the natal flying stars chart of a property.

Below is the table that shows the nine period luck of feng shui, consisting of twenty years per period, and the corresponding years.

Feng Shui Period LuckPeriodDuration

Upper11864 – 188321884 – 190331904 – 1923

Middle41924 – 194351944 – 196361964 – 1983

Lower71984 – 200382004 – 202392024 – 2043

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