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New! Online Tutorials on our You Tube Channel

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

In our modern society, we strive to gain more knowledge and information on how we can make life easier in various areas of our lives, from the never ending household chores we do every day to the more ambitious goal of how to achieve wealth, success and prosperity.

I will be sharing with you through my different media platforms…. News on upcoming events, seminars, insights and tips on feng shui, our environment, harmonious living and other subjects learned over the years.  I hope you will find them helpful in achieving your own goals.

Facebook and You Tube (NEW)

Join us on our Facebook and You Tube Channel (Cecconet Publishing House) regularly for updates, news and videos.  I am happy to announce that my free video tutorials on Feng Shui Tips – Office Desk Placements and Feng Shui Tips – Site Selection are now available on our You Tube Channel.

Q & A Online Sessions Ask your feng shui questions here, on our Facebook page or email them to us.  Questions will be randomly selected for our Q & A Sessions.  Schedule of live Q & A Sessions will only be announced on our Facebook and Blog.

Send your feng shui questions to:

Check our Facebook, this Blog and our Website regularly for more news and events.

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