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More Storage = Less Clutter?

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

With spring just around the corner, there seems to be an increase in articles on clutter and how to de-clutter.  Let me share some of my own insights with regards clutter and clutter clearing.

It was way back in the 80’s when organizing my own home storage system that I realized having more storage rooms, cabinets, shelves or boxes does not necessarily translate to a clutter free room or home.  This realization was also reinforced when I visited a friend’s office.  All his binders and papers were on the floor even with more than enough storage units in his office.  Why then all the ‘mess’?  “Sorry it’s a mess here but I have been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to clear and file them”, he offered as an explanation.

We all accumulate ‘stuff’ that most often we don’t need, use or only use once.  How can we avoid doing this?  An option to minimizing this challenge is perhaps by following the rules of the 3Rs.  Reduce your carbon footprint and consumption by buying less or only what is necessary, reusing whatever can be reused and to recycle what can be renewed instead of adding to our landfill.

The reality is even with enough storage spaces we still have to make the effort to sort through and organize our ‘stuff’.  Perhaps following the environmental strategy of the 3Rs will also serve us well in facing the storage and clutter clearing challenges we face in our lives.

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