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Mini Tutorials – Practical Feng Shui Applications

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Hello everyone,

Watch my free mini tutorials of practical feng shui applications to help you in your feng shui journey and learning.  They will be available to the public for a short period of time.  Subscribe to my You Tube Channel to watch them after.

Topics and schedule: (Revised as of June 26, 2018)

  1. Feng Shui of Locations – June 28, 2018 (Thursday)

  2. Feng Shui of Houses – July 4, 2018 (Wednesday)

  3. Feng Shui of Buildings and Offices – July 12, 2018 (Thursday)

  4. Feng Shui of Apartments and Condominiums – July 24, 2018 (Tuesday)

Visit my Feng Shui for Health and Wealth Facebook page for more news and events.

Looking forward to seeing you all then!

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