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Mind the Gaps and Blockages! | Important Details We Sometimes Overlook | External Feng Shui

In feng shui the exterior environment of the house is important. Why? Because CHI is created from landforms and waterways. Some of these forms are pretty difficult to fix and remedy, in some instances there’s no remedy… but to move. A feng shui analysis usually includes the surveying of the natural and man-made environment surrounding the property.


Join Margaret on this channel as she shares invaluable lessons and useful information about harmonious living, a healthy lifestyle, Feng Shui, natural remedies, exercises, and Chinese Metaphysics. Margaret is an author, speaker, and consultant; the founder of Cecconet Publishing House and Feng Shui for Health and Wealth; author of "What Ever Happened to APPLE?" and “A Homeowners Guide to Feng Shui, Easy Tips to a Harmonious Home”.

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