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Get Your Own Copy of the 2018 Feng Shui Calendar Guide

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Hello everyone,

You can now purchase the digital copy of my 2018 Annual Feng Shui Calendar Guide.  The guide will still be useful for planning and scheduling your important business and personal activities, even at this time.

It has all the 12 Monthly Flying Star Charts and information for you to plot your own personal good days and be aware of days that are not so favourable for special events, activities or important work.

It also has information on the afflicted areas in your home and what remedies you can do to mitigate the negative energies.  Remedies and cure can still be placed in those sectors at any time of the year.  Not too late to take action.

I have been using this guide to help me plot my work activities, doctor’s appointment for the whole family (health is wealth – annual check up is key) and important events.  I find it so much quicker and easier by just using this guide as my resource and tool for date selection without flipping through all my other feng shui charts.  You can watch a short video of the guide that I had done earlier in this blog.

For a small investment of US $12, get your copy here.

Best Regards,


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