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Feng Shui and Real Estate 101 – Features of a House to Avoid

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

In the market for a new house?  There are a few basic rules I’d like to share with you when looking for a new place to call home.  Here are some of the negative features in a house to look out for.

Main Door

Check the position of the main door and its surroundings for any negative chi that might be in its direction.  Is there a tree, an electrical light post or a lamp post that is in its direct path?  Is there a toilet directly above the front door?  Are there inside and outside beams running across the main door?  A yes answer to any of these questions suggest presence of negative chi, a no-no and best avoided.

The main entrance is the ‘mouth of the house’ where all the energy of the house is coming from.  Thus the kind of energy that enters thru the main door is important in determining the overall health of the house.  When the energy from the main entrance sucks, it’s best not to waste your time, rule out this particular house and go on to the next one.


The kitchen is where the food of the house is prepared and cooked; it also dictates the general health of the occupants, thus it is important to look at the location of the kitchen and position of the stove. Check to make sure that the kitchen is not in the center of the house.  A kitchen in the center of the house affects exactly that …. the ‘heart’ of the house.  Some modern kitchen layout feature an island stove, a stove right in the center of the kitchen is not ideal.  Best to avoid it, specially when there is no other place to position your stove in that kitchen.


I have inspected a number of houses where the second floor landings are so small and the bedrooms are irregularly shaped and tightly squeezed in order to fit all of them in.  Irregular shaped bedrooms creates unstable or negative chi which interferes with the sleep of the occupants.   A regular shaped (preferably square) bedroom is best for a restful night sleep.

These are just some of the visible features that anyone even without any feng shui knowledge can see just by touring the house.  Most of the negative features above are permanent in nature thus finding remedies or fixing them will not only be challenging but expensive as well.  Save yourself the extra trouble and money, by avoiding houses with these features and look for one with better feng shui.

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