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Eight Mansions/Houses Feng Shui

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

TV Appearance

Hope you had a chance to catch the Daytime Durham show wherein I chatted with host, Denise Marek about doing your homework before looking for your next home.

We usually have a list of wants and needs when looking for a house, such as the number of bedrooms, school location, amenities, or walkability.  To start on the right track in feng shui, we too need to do a bit of research before heading off to your open houses or inspections.  We are looking for a home that is compatible with you and your family.  Shouldn’t we have a feng shui checklist with us as well?

A compass system that is often mentioned in English feng shui books is the Eight Mansions/Houses Feng Shui sometimes referred to as the East/West Group House Theory.  This system uses your birth year and gender to calculate for your personal Ming Kua/Gua (Life Star), your favorable and unfavorable directions.  I have included these formulas in my book, A Homeowners Guide to Feng Shui.

Each Ming Kua is associated with an element and belongs to either the East or West Group of people.  The popularity of the Eight Mansions Feng Shui system in the west has led to many people getting confused as to what to do when partners and spouses belong to different groups, especially when sleeping.  Some couples have resorted to sleeping facing each other’s feet.  This seems to be a bit drastic.

By focusing solely on the Ming Kua, we forget to consider an important fact.  That, each property has its own House Kua, its own energy, its favorable and unfavorable sectors, depending on when the building was constructed, where its located and which direction its facing.  It’s the very reason why this system is named the Eight Mansions/Houses Feng Shui.

Therefore, take heart that all is not lost when family members have different favorable and unfavorable directions.  Use your Ming Kua (Life Star) to determine the best directions to face and base on the House Kua try to locate your bedrooms, office or study in the best sectors of the property.  Read my book for more details on this subject.

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