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Downsizing! The Many Choices And Questions Facing Seniors and Their Caregivers

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

One of the many concerns that some of us are facing at this time or eventually will face is downsizing.  For a lot of empty nesters, ‘sandwiched’ between parents and older children, finding comfortable, active and independent living goes hand in hand with their need and responsibility to be visible and available to aging parents and grandchildren.  Whether you are contemplating a change for yourself or for your parents or love ones, you are faced with the several and different options of access to housing.  Accommodations ranging from townhouses (freehold or condominiums), condo apartments, adult retirement communities and other housing services currently offered.

Where do you start?

What are the best retirement communities in my area?  Are there any associations, independent guide or organizations locally that can help?  Who are the professionals that would be involve in your search and ultimate decision?  Whatever your decisions there are steps to be taken and options to be considered.

Plan your transition

Step 1:  Needs versus desires

Step 2:  Evaluate your options

Step 3:  Meet with the front line care support workers and tour the facilities you’ve chosen

Types of housing available

  1. Condominium Living

  2. Independent or Supportive living

  3. Retirement homes

  4. Assisted living

  5. Long term care homes

  6. Alzheimer care

Meet with your team of professionals

  1. Doctor, community health nurse, hospital discharge planning coordinator

  2. Case manager at your local Community Care Access Centre (CCAC), social worker

  3. Financial advisor, lawyer, estate planner

  4. Relocation specialist, moving coordinator

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