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Concept of Wealth in Feng Shui

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

A common question that I get asked regularly is, “What area in my home is the wealth area and what do I have to do to activate it?”  There is no concept of wealth in the texts of Classical Feng Shui, nor is there a ‘one size fits all’ wealth area or corner that would apply to all homes.  However, each property does have a wealth sector or a more accurate description, a vibrant or prosperous qi sector that can be activated.  To prosper is to thrive, the goal of classical feng shui is to help an individual be in that environment wherein one can function and perform at their best to fulfill their true potential.  The reward can in turn be financial success and achievement.

Prosperity in feng shui involves not only the capacity of attaining monetary wealth or achieving your goals but also the ability to keep it and live long enough to enjoy it.  In classical feng shui, prosperity is acquire through tapping into the vibrant or wang qi sector of the property, which simply involves the frequent or active use of this area or using an object or element to activate the vibrant qi.  The term, wealth sector, is a simplified form use by practitioners to describe the Wealth Stars.

Fixing your feng shui, however, does not automatically means more money or more money making opportunities.   Feng shui is only 33% or 1/3 of the equation or the earth luck in the cosmic trinity of energies.  The other 1/3 of this equation is your heaven luck which is basically your destiny that you were born with or what’s in your natal chart. Feng shui can help you attain what is in your destiny, whether you are destined to be rich, powerful or famous; but it cannot give you what is not there.

The third cosmic energy or the last 1/3 of the equation is man luck.  This entails your own sweat and tears, your willingness to work, adjust your plans, take on challenges or seek out new horizons.  It will also dictate where you end up, whether you have a comfortable life or not and whether you achieve your goals.  Your network of friends and associates also contributes to this equation.

Activating the wealth qi in a home is in the matter of finding the 3 Wealth Stars of a given luck period, locating them and activating them in your home.  Needless to say, there is no guarantee that people with the capacity to attain great wealth or success will eventually achieve this.  Remember that Classical Feng Shui of activating certain stars is not a one stop solution to financial wealth, it is only 1/3 of the equation, your own effort, your heaven luck all play important roles in achieving your goals.

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