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Backyard Composting

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

For this week, seeing that Earth Day is just around the corner, I’ve asked my good friend, author and environmentalist, Larraine Roulston to write about her tips on backyard composting.


By Larraine Roulston

You do not need any special knowledge, nor do you need to be a dedicated gardener, to compost. Simply find a suitable location then begin layering yard debris with unwanted kitchen organics.  Start composting with a base of brush cuttings to ensure a good flow of air into the pile.  As well as adding veggie and fruit peelings, coffee grounds etc. you can include cooled wood ashes, sawdust from untreated wood, hair clippings, pet fur, wilted flowers and even bits of cotton, felt, rope, feathers and string.  Soil should be added occasionally as it acts as an odour suppressor and introduces more micro-organisms to speed up the decomposition.  Do not include meat scraps, fats and dairy products. Once you’ve got it going, the compost heap takes care of itself.

Larraine Roulston authors the Pee Wee at Castle Compost illustrated adventure book series.

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