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Amazing Ant Repellant!

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

With the coming of summer, comes the challenge of keeping bugs at bay.  One of the more common issue is the arrival of ants in your patios, along crevices, flowerbeds, and entrances.  What to do without harming yourself and with the least impact on the environment?  Here’s what I discovered….

A really long time ago while shopping in one of the many department stores in Chinatown I came across a small yellow box marked ‘Ant Repellant’.  Inside were half a dozen of white colored chalk sticks.  Now that was interesting, I guess I was suppose to be drawing lines or circles with it…. which is exactly what I did.  I experimented on the patios, drawing lines and circles around ant holes and curiously found something quite amazing.  The ants did not want to cross the chalk lines.  They avoided, went around or stayed away from any of the lines or circles that I had drawn with the chalk.

Now that was ages ago and I haven’t made any effort to look for those chalk boxes again.  Didn’t have to…. I found another way to replicate this easy ant deterrent method by simply using…… ordinary chalk.  Yup, you know the ones use by teachers, children and street artists.   Amazingly, I discovered they have the same effect.  My own conclusion….  the ants just does not like to be covered in chalk….. any kind of chalk.  Try it out.  A single chalk line can help deter the ants from accessing your home through patio steps or prevent them from certain areas.  Of course, we should be careful with any types of chalk and wash our hands thoroughly after every use.

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