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A Month of Extremes | Existing Energies Doubles In All Sectors | Feng Shui Recommendations

As we move into the month of June 2023, we find the energies of each sector doubled, making auspicious sectors luckier and inauspicious ones become more dangerous. This also means that the cures and enhancers you’ve done at the start of 2023 for these sectors can stay where they are. There needs to be some reassessment in terms of the negative sectors and making sure that you do have your feng shui remedies in place and to add or fortify them if necessary. This is especially the case if you can’t move out of this particular room or sector. As the monthly and yearly energies align, there are no worries about elements clashing. Giving us a chance to review all the sectors again, of which sectors need remedies to avoid activating and which ones have the good energies to harness and for you to use to help with achieving your goals. ____________________________________________ Join Margaret on this channel as she shares invaluable lessons and useful information about harmonious living, a healthy lifestyle, Feng Shui, natural remedies, exercises, and Chinese Metaphysics. Margaret is an author, speaker, and consultant; the founder of Cecconet Publishing House and Feng Shui for Health and Wealth; author of "What Ever Happened to APPLE?" and “A Homeowners Guide to Feng Shui, Easy Tips to a Harmonious Home”. Please check our website for more information, types of consultations, and courses/webinars. For further assistance, please email us at or contact us at… _________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: Blog: Website: 0 Comments

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