2019 Feng Shui Seminar

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Hello everyone, Today I would like to share with you the short introduction video I made for my 2019 Feng Shui Online Seminar. It covers a bit of what I will be discussing in the seminar as well as a quick glimpse of what’s included in the 2019 Feng Shui Calendar Guide (PDF). The start of the Solar New Year is on February 4, 2019 this year. The Chinese New Year which uses the Lunar Calendar starts on February 5, 2019. Lots of time for you to prepare your home for the new energies of the Year of the Yin Earth Pig.

Registrations in now open for my 2019 Feng Shui Online Seminar. Learn the Flying Star Feng Shui energies of the year and where they are located in your home. Includes the 2019 Feng Shui Calendar Guide (PDF) to help you plan and schedule your important activities.

To register for seminar go to: https://www.margaretcecconet.com/to-register-order

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