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2019 Animal Forecast: Goat

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Outlook for Goats in 2019: 

For Goats who have been feeling under the weather, 2019 is a good year to seek medical help and treatment.  You are also more prone to accidents so be extra careful and not indulge in dangerous activities and sports.

Learning a new artistic skill such as writing and design is also favourable this year.   This is a good year to take good care of your health, do a physical checkup or resolve some lingering illness.  You’ll also feel a bit emotional this year and remember health is wealth.

Knowing just the animal sign of the year that you were born in is incomplete and is only 1/4 of the whole picture.  Feng Shui practitioners use BaZi (8 Characters) or sometimes called Four Pillars, a form of Chinese Astrology to determine one’s natal chart.  In BaZi, a person can have more than one animal sign in their chart.  Base on your personal BaZi Chart, you will get to know the general outlook of each of the animals in your Four Pillars (Year, Month, Day and Hour) and the different aspects of life they represent.

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