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2019 Animal Forecast: Dog

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Outlook for Dogs in 2019: 

Building long term relationships is the focus for Dogs in 2019; there is however, the potential of disruptive people around that can annoy you.  Look out for business, romantic and social opportunities that can result in long term connections and relationships.

Ignore people who will try to distract you from your work.  Forgive and forget them to enable you to follow through with your own goals and become a happier person.  Concentrate on your future and the goals you have in life; take care of your health too.

Knowing just the animal sign of the year that you were born in is incomplete and is only 1/4 of the whole picture.  Feng Shui practitioners use BaZi (8 Characters) or sometimes called Four Pillars, a form of Chinese Astrology to determine one’s natal chart.  In BaZi, a person can have more than one animal sign in their chart.  Base on your personal BaZi Chart, you will get to know the general outlook of each of the animals in your Four Pillars (Year, Month, Day and Hour) and the different aspects of life they represent.

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