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2017 Year of the Fire Rooster

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Classical Feng Shui – A Flying Star Feng Shui Overview 

Before I proceed with what the Year of Rooster has in store, let’s take a quick look at the different types of feng shui that is practice nowadays; by determining whether they fall under classical feng shui or modern/new age feng shui.  A brief description of both feng shui are as follows:

Classical feng shui is the feng shui that was taught back in the Tang dynasty and uses the ancient theories and principles found in the texts on Kan Yu.  It uses formulas, looks at landforms to locate ‘qi’ energy, and the space and time continuum of a property.  In the more advance study of Classical Feng Shui, we also find Chinese Astrology an integral part in its practice.

The New Age or modern feng shui approach is more of an art form, using mirrors, crystals and good luck symbols, more on personal taste and preference.  It focuses on the ‘Chi’ principles, the balance of Yin and Yang, religion and intuition.

The information I have been sharing with you on this blog and in my other platforms are base on principles and theories on classical feng shui.

There are a few types of Classical Feng Shui, and the Flying Stars (Fei Xing) Feng Shui is one of them.

In Flying Star Feng Shui, the annual flying stars changes their location usually around February 4 of the Chinese solar calendar.  Areas in your home will be affected by negative and positive energies, depending on where the ‘stars fly’ to.  This also means that the sectors in your home with good or bad energies will differ each year.  These favourable and unfavourable energies affect you when you come in contact with them.  Of course, you’d like to have as little contact with the bad energies and more of the good ones.

In 2017 – Avoid renovations in the East, West 2 and South

Planning a major renovation this year?  Well, avoid these 3 areas:

  1. East – Three Killings

  2. West 2 – Grand Duke (Tai Sui)

  3. South – Five Yellow

These areas must be kept as quiet as possible.  Strictly NO renovation, digging, ground breaking, or drilling.  It is best to avoid or not use any room that is located in these 3 areas if at all possible.  Try to relocate or sleep in another room if your bedroom is in one of the above location.  If your main door is in one of this location, do find or use another door for the duration of the year.  If this is not possible then place the necessary cure and remedy for the afflicted location.

Use the Good Sectors Often

The good sectors are in the Southeast, East, Northeast and North this year.  To tap into the good energies of the year you have to use these areas more often. Spend more time in these areas, alternately you can work or sleep in these areas too.

  1. Southeast – Promotion, Investment, Improve Income

  2. East – Wealth and Money Luck

  3. Northeast – Love and Academic Luck (Or learning a new skill)

  4. North – Power and Authority

  5. Center – Happy Events and New Beginnings

Remember that the stars fly to different areas of the house each year, therefore a sector that is good this year might not be the case next year.  So it is necessary to update the feng shui of the house every year.

Other Areas of the House

Other areas afflicted by bad energies in 2017 are the Northwest, West, and Southwest.

The Northwest is afflicted by the Illness Star and having a bedroom in this area when you’re of poor health is a bad idea.  The Argument Star flies into the West this year and can cause a worsening of bad relationship if you have a bedroom here.  This area might be useful though for people who like new ideas and don’t mind the challenges that goes with it.  The #7 Robbery Star flies into the Southwest in 2017, it can cause quarrels and disagreements.

The worst sector is the South where the 5 Yellow is located this year, and which is also a fire energy area. Even with a great personal BaZi chart, sleeping and working in this area can have its negative effect.  Solve this problem by not using or renovating this sector, by ‘activating’ or using all the good sectors and thirdly, by remedying it with metal energy.

Hope this will help you activate the good sectors in your home and avoid the areas where the negative energies are located.

If you’ve found my blog and this article helpful, please share it with your family members and friends.  I’d very much appreciate it.

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