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Feng Shui Courses

House Plan Review

Learn how to find the

Period of your house,

its Facing and

Sitting Directions,

it's Natal Chart 

and more.

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Mountain lake

Feng Shui for Beginners

Analyzing My

Floor Plan

What are the important

feng shui fundamentals

and principles?

A great introduction to

feng shui for beginners

and for those who desire

to have a good base

of feng shui knowledge

in their practice. 



Learn the Basic

Bed and  Bedroom  Rules 

and the best sector for 

bedrooms for Period 7

and Period 8 Houses.

Living Room with Ceiling Fan

Signs of

Sha Qi


What are the

different signs

that you and your house

is being affected

by Sha Qi and 

how to mitigate or

avoid it?


Feng Shui 


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