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Essential Feng Shui

The Personalized Formulas

Here's a great introduction to a Compass Feng Shui system that is simple to learn and use, a great course for those who are beginners or just learning feng shui.    


Using the ancient Chinese wisdom of feng shui, you will learn that your inner energies characterize by the animals of the Chinese horoscope affects how you perceive and act with your immediate surroundings.  Feng Shui knowledge helps you understand how these qualities interact and relate to each other. 

  • Identify your animal sign, Gua/Kua Number, and personal directions.

  • Understand the reasons why these are important in choosing the right property or home for you, your family members, clients, and friends.

  • Learn how to use your Gua/Kua Number and animal sign to harness beneficial feng shui.

  • Learn the basics of the East/West Group House Theory.

Bonus Webinar Included:  Taking the Direction



                           Registration Fee - US$ 88.00

Zen Garden
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