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Seminar and Course Description

Who Should Attend?

  • If you want to use feng shui to enhance your personal life and help you reach your goals and aspirations.

  • If you want to incorporate feng shui into your existing business. (e.g. real estate professional, interior designer, builder & developer).

  • If you want to learn how to identify and analyze properties with the best feng shui.

  • If your want to learn some of the personal benefits of the ancient Chinese wisdom of feng shui.

  • If you want to use your feng shui knowledge to add value and marketability to your home.

  • If you are interested in feng shui as a hobby and would like to learn more about it.

Feng Shui Seminars

We've developed a series of Feng Shui online videos/webinar sessions to help you on your personal journey to a better understanding of this practice. These advanced feng shui sessions are tailored to give you a deeper insight to the principles and complex systems of Classical/Traditional Feng Shui. Take this opportunity to gain more knowledge on how feng shui can assist you, your love ones, friends and clients.

House/Property Selection

Why is the age of the building an important element in the feng shui selection of a property? 


An introduction to the time factor and astrological component of feng shui, the importance of your birthday (natal chart) and Ming Gua. Find out why in a feng shui audit and consultation all these elements are important and taken into consideration when analyzing and selecting a property.

Astrology plays an important part in Classical Feng Shui. This seminar will introduce you to the Period Luck - Time Factor and Astrological component of feng shui and why it is a necessary element in a Traditional Feng Shui analysis. Understand that the passage of time affects the quality of the energies in a property.

Learn the importance of your birthday as well as the natal chart of a property chart in your practice of traditional feng shui and especially in selecting your next home. Learn how to find your best directions for working, sleeping and any other activities.

The 5 Elemental Remedies

What are the 5 elemental remedies? 


Introduction to the Annual Flying Stars, the Five (5) Elements, its cycle and application as remedies (cures) in feng shui. Learn how the changing energies of each year affect you and the energies in your home.

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