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Analyzing and Marketing Properties with Feng Shui
u(Revised and Updated)
US $69

This course was a Continuing Education Course for
real estate professionals approved by the Registrar, REBBA 2002 


Feng Shui works with nature to create harmony and balance in our home and workplace, it goes hand in hand with our goal of sustainable and green living. This course will introduce participants to the fundamentals, principles and concepts of Feng Shui to help them work with homebuyers and homeowners that are increasingly aware of the value of finding the best house on the market by using Feng Shui in their choice of selection.

In Feng Shui, the external environment is considered more important than the internal design. Learn the Form School of Feng Shui in choosing properties and locations. Included in the course workbook is a handy Feng Shui Energy Checklist to finding the ideal home.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The basic terminology, key concepts and fundamentals of Feng Shui and how they apply to real estate.

  • How to identify and analyze properties with the best Feng Shui in existing and new developments.

  • How Feng Shui can enhance the value and marketability of a home as well as benefit the homeowners.

  • To identify some of the common Feng Shui challenges in a home and learn practical solutions to correct them.

  • How to maximize a room’s layout and understand the importance of furniture arrangement to create positive ‘chi’ flow energy.

  • To identify some of the Feng Shui hazards in our modern environment.


 US $69

Terms & Conditions  Please be advised that the fee is not refundable. Disclaimer We endeavour to help you turn your goals and dreams into reality. The result of your work will solely and completely be a product of your own level of knowledge, your experience, expertise and the actions that you’ve taken to help yourself and to service others. We cannot guarantee that the information, ideas, strategies and tools that we have shared with you, will result in you earning any money or your ability to get results. Any information, statistics, testimonials, or figures mentioned on this page or in any of our web pages are for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered as actual, exact or a promise of future/potential earnings. Nevertheless, we are here to provide information, ideas and the tools to help and support you in your desire to improve and make the necessary changes you want in your life to reach your goals. Client Privacy Policy Your privacy is important to us. All information supplied through the course of our work will be kept confidential.   We will ask for your permission in the event that we would like to use your names as references for our work. Prior permission to use client’s names for marketing will have been obtained prior to its use. ​

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