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2023 Year of the Water Rabbit

Annual Feng Shui Package


Your Package will include:

               Webinar 1:  Taking the Directions

Webinar 2:  How to Use the Date Selection Chart 

Copy of 2023 Feng Shui Calendar Guide (Downloadable PDF File) 

Webinar 1: Taking the Directions

Learn how to take the compass directions of your home and the difference between the facing direction of the property and the facing direction of the door.   


Webinar 2:  How to Use the Date Selection Chart

Learn how to select the best date using basic Date Selection with this webinar and plan your activities and events with the Date Selection Charts included in the 2021 Feng Shui Calendar Guide (PDF).   


Downloadable PDF File of 2023 Feng Shui Calendar Guide

Basic Date Selection (12 Day Officers) information is a new addition to help you find the best dates for your important activities and which dates are best avoided.  The guide also includes the 12 Monthly Calendar and the 12 Monthly Flying Star Charts to help you plan ahead.  With your calendar guide, you'll be able to schedule your important activities on the auspicious dates in 2023. A Quick Overview Chart to the different sectors and its Flying Stars' energies with recommendation is also included as an easy reference.


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  US$ 59.00 

   (50% off our Regular Price - US$ 118.00)

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