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Renovating with Feng Shui in Mind……

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

With spring and summer in the air, we tend to look into sprucing our homes and gardens.  With a list of renovating and remodelling projects in hand, we plan, prioritize, budget and schedule the work.  With the exception of necessary, urgent or emergency repairs that must be done, when is the ‘right time’ to do all these projects?  This is where the annual feng shui chart and analysis plays a major role in determining which one gets the ‘go’ signal for the current year.

The Flying Star annual feng shui chart of 2015, shows us the area where major renovations, that entails digging, banging and knocking down on walls or a lot of activities should be avoided this year.  An important area that I’d like to call attention to is the west sector of your home.  The inauspicious #5 star flies into the west, this is also where the 3 Killings is currently residing.  Strictly no renovations inside or outside this part of the house or to lessen the negative effect of the #5 star schedule the work towards the end the year.

The energy of each sector of your home is affected by the energy of the stars that flies into it.  A timely, auspicious star brings good energy, an untimely, inauspicious star brings negative energy.

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