Feng Shui Consultations

Find the house most compatible with your energy by using feng shui in your search.   Using Traditional Feng Shui applications, our consultations will focus on providing you with practical solutions that can be easily implemented to help you fulfill your goal of living a better and balanced life. 
Package I - House Selection Consult

Are you or your clients looking for a house and cannot decide which one to choose? Perhaps you would like a bit of help just to narrow down your search without having a full feng shui analysis of the properties. Then what you’d need is a House Selection Consultation.

Using Classical Feng Shui, this assessment will only focus on the two (2) properties that you have narrowed down and selected for comparison. Keep in mind that this is not a full analysis of the properties but an overview of the feng shui potential of each property to assist you in making a more informed choice in your decision.

Package II - Feng Shui Interiors Consult

Interior layout and floor plan analysis with practical suggestions to help improve the positive flow of energy in the home and remedy negative influences using feng shui principles. 

Are you compatible with your home? Are the rooms allocated properly? Do you now wonder if the major rooms have the positive energies that are aligned and needed to help you achieve your goals?  Select the office, study, or bedrooms that would best suit each family member based on their birthdays and room energies.  

  • Using the 8 Mansions Theory, a Ming Gua/Kua chart of each family member will be constructed.

  • Base on the individual’s personal chart suggestions will be given as to the best location for their bedrooms and the other major rooms in the house.

  • Rooms will be analyzed as to the best feng shui arrangement of furniture and decor for optimum efficiency, harmony, and positive energy flow.

  • Is your furniture arranged to maximize the flow of energy in the room?

  • Floor plan review and interior analysis with practical suggestions and solutions to remedy negative energy influences.

Package III - Offsite Residential Feng Shui Consult

An effective and convenient feng shui consult done from our location, much cheaper than an onsite consultation. Your property will be analyzed using Eight Mansions and Flying Stars Feng Shui.

Offsite Reading includes:

  • Ming Gua chart of family members

  • The Auspicious/Inauspicious sectors of the property

  • A Room-by-Room analysis of your home

  • Suitable functions for the different rooms in the house (e.g. Study/Kitchen/etc.)

  • Practical recommendations for cures/remedies


What We Need

You will need to send us the necessary information listed below to help us prepare a thorough feng shui reading of your home.

  1. Site/house plan (drawn to scale on grid paper) including all the surrounding buildings, structures, and roads.

  2. Scaled floor plan of the property with accurate compass directions and the location of each room (E.g. bedroom, kitchen, living room) as laid out in the floor plan.

  3. Birth dates (year, month, day, and time) and genders of family members. Limit of 4 members.

  4. The year the house was built and your move-in date. Indicate if there were any renovations made when it was done and to which part of the house.

  5. Any special exterior structures such as a swimming pool, rivers, mountains, hydro poles, or neighbouring structures.

  6. Specify reason/s for consultation and any other questions you may have.

  7. Include your full name and contact information (complete address, telephones/fax numbers, email address).

  8. Any other information, photos, diagrams relevant to the feng shui reading.


Terms & Conditions 

A feng shui analysis and reading calculate probabilities and not guarantees or certainties. As such, one cannot assume that you can change anything or everything in your home to obtain good feng shui.

A follow-up onsite visit can be arranged after this offsite consultation at an additional fee.

Client Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. All information supplied through the course of our work will be kept confidential.  


We will ask for your permission in the event that we would like to use your names as references for our work. Prior permission to use client’s names for marketing will have been obtained prior to its use.

For quotes to the above packages and details; concerns or questions regarding this policy please contact us.

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