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2021 Feng Shui Webinar
Year of the Metal Ox

The 2021 Feng Shui Webinar is our annual Flying Star Feng Shui overview of the energies of the year that affects our home and office.  The webinar will cover the astrology component and the trinity of luck of feng shui which is sometimes overlooked.  An introduction to Flying Star Feng Shui and information to help you avoid the negative influences and harness the positive energies of the year of the Metal Ox.  Helping you identify which areas are suitable for activation and which are better avoided.  There's a Quick Overview Chart to assist you in locating the good and bad sectors.  Your bonus webinar, Taking the Direction, will help guide you on how to take the compass directions of your home.

Included is an introduction to the Eight Mansions Feng Shui System, a feng shui compass system that determines the good and bad directions of a property as well as that of an individual by calculating for the person's Gua/Kua Number or Ming Gua/Kua (Life Star).  You will learn how to find your Gua Number and your favourable and unfavourable directions.  Basic Date Selection (12 Day Officers) information is a new addition to help you find the best dates for your important activities and events and which dates are best avoided.  The guide also includes the12 Monthly Calendar of 2021 to help you plan ahead and jot down your notes and activities.


With your Guide, you’ll be able to schedule your important activities and use the auspicious dates in 2021 strategically.  

Table of Content


Feng Shui and Astrology

How to Find Your Animal Sign

Conflict and Affinity Chart


Eight Mansions Feng Shui

East and West Group Houses

Finding your Gua/Kua Number

Your Favourable and Unfavourable Directions

The Eight Wandering Stars

Ming Gua Quick Reference Chart

Flying Star Feng Shui                                                                   

The Lo Shu Square

Time Dimension – Period Luck

Charting the Stars                                                               

The Nine 9 Stars                                                                         

Interaction of Stars    

Determining the Natal Chart of a Building

Same house, Different Energy

Facing Direction of a Property

The 24 Mountains Reference Chart

Annual Flying Stars Chart of 2021

The Flying Stars and their Energies

The Afflicted Areas in 2021

Avoid and Do Not Use These Areas

The Auspicious Sectors in 2021

Practicing Feng Shui

Subduing the Negative Stars

Activating the Auspicious Stars

Date Selection

The 12 Day Officers

The 12 Months of 2021                                                             

How to Read the Charts                                                

2021  Annual and Monthly Flying Star Charts

2021 Year of the  Yang Water Tiger Flying Star Chart                               


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